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    C-BORD Community

      What is the C-BORD Community? C-BORD has the objective to optimise project impact by raising awareness, developing, and engaging with a C-BORD Community dedicated to innovation in container Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII).This Community includes project partners and key stakeholders in customs...
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      C-BORD project description from Horizon 2020 Security Research Catalogue

      This document provides a factsheet for the C-BORD project.
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        ACXIS - BODEGA - C-BORD - CORE - IMPRINT - SOURCE Joint Exploitation Event

                 (Registration link and agenda below) EU collaborative projects ACXIS, BODEGA, C-BORD, CORE and SOURCE are planning a Joint Exploitation Event on 18-19 May in Paris. All five projects concern societal security and have a complementary expertise an...
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            C-BORD Final Public Workshop

            About C-BORD Container security is an important factor in overall EU border security. Intelligence together with scanning narrow down on suspicious consignments, but when the current detection technology has reached its limits, physical examination of the cargo is required. If no threat is found...
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