Discuss with us the requirements of practitioners in regard to Situational Awareness Tools/Systems for multiple stakeholders! (See the file deliverable D2.2 Preliminary inventory of practitioners’ requirements and list of requirements, and D2.3 Preliminary Reference Scenarios)

Dear civil protection practitioners,

For paving the way for future developments of Situational Awareness Systems for multiple stakeholders we started with gathering first requirements from practitioners on what a future Situational Awareness System for Multiple Stakeholders should look like.

We compiled a first (preliminary) inventory of practitioners’ requirements (see the file deliverable D2.2 Preliminary inventory of practitioners’ requirements) with first ideas about what aspects, tools, functions and data should be integrated into respectively covered by a possible Situational Awareness System. Additionally, for providing a basis for further discussion, we have drafted a list of requirements (see file list of requirements), deriving from the gathered requirements. To facilitate the gathering of requirements we have prepared Reference Scenarios (see the file deliverables D2.3 Preliminary Reference Scenarios) for five main categories: natural hazards, technological hazards, security hazards (including CBRN), health hazards, “socio-economic hazards”.

The questions we would like to raise for starting discussion:

  • Are the gathered requirements relevant in your opinion?
  • In your opinion, which additional requirements should be covered by a possible future Situational Awareness System (what else would you like to add)?
  • What has been your experience, is there a difference in the need of different practitioners’ organisations as firefighters, technical relief, paramedics, law enforcement agencies etc.?

 We are looking forward to a fruitful discussion and exchange with you!


Best regards on behalf of SAYSO,

Hanna M. Burkow

Project Coordinator

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