Last name: POPOT
First name: ALBIN
Title: Mr
Organisation: ZEPHYR SOLAR
Brief description: Tactical aerial platform with solar panels (energy autonomy), that can be deployed rapidly to provide telecom or observation
Phone number landline0768711771

At Zephyr Solar we develop an aerial platform autonomous in energy.

Its a tethered balloon inflated with helium, covered with solar panels and linked to a wing for better aeronautic performance.

The balloon is able to lift an embedded feature of up to 5 kg, at 150 m and with 500 W power capacity. We use it to provide telecommunication network (stand alone or connected to Internet), and observation in devastated areas and emergency fields.

The advantage of our solution, is to be rapidly deployed (less than 1h), easy to transport and manipulate, cost-effective, and more efficient and less bulky than existing ground responses.


Still in development, we are looking for technical partners (to integrate their technology on our platform) and commercial partners to promote our product to organization that could benefit from it.

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