Welcome to the SAYSO community of Suppliers of Situational Awareness Systems

Dear all,

Firstly, welcome to the SAYSO community of Suppliers of Situational Awareness Systems. In this space you will be able to exchange with your peers in your community and build new contacts across Europe.

A few words about SAYSO (http://www.sayso-project.eu/):

SAYSO aims to pave the way for the development of innovative Situational Awareness Systems (multiple sensors, computer-based decision support) for improved coordination of multi-stakeholder civil protection operations.

The SAYSO mission is to define the spécifications and corresponding Reference Architecture for beyond the State of the Art Situational Awareness Tools that fulfil end-user requirements and that can be used across different organisations, different command levels and national borders.

By the end of the project, SAYSO will provide the information and Tools that Public Procurement Authorities need to launch pre-commercial procurements, required to develop SAYSO-compliant Situational Awareness Systems.


SAYSO engages with three key stakholder communities:

  • The suppliers community (industry,including SMEs, supplying SA-related Tools, research and technology solutions)
  • The End-Users community (such as crisis managers, firefighters, medical emergency services, police forces, LEAs etc)
  • The Public Procurement Authorities community (interested for the procurement of SA systems and relevant R&D services)


Why contribute to SAYSO ?

SAYSO will define systems specifications based on end-users'requirements and a scalable, collaborative and customisable Reference Architecture to integrate existing and future Situational Awareness components. By being part of SAYSO, you will :

  • Gain a better understanding of the needs declared by the end-users
  • Have the opportunity to share your views on the spécifications to be developed on context of the project for future public procurements of SAYSO-compliant Systems 
  • Be able to join the SAYSO registry of suppliers

You will discover several discussions on relevant topics, have access to relevant events invitations and have the chance to get in touch with your peers.

Please feel free to start sharing your thoughts or asking questions about SAYSO, its objectives or current news and achievements.

We invite you to make public that you are part of this group and of the SAYSO Community e.g. by publishing this on your website and other information forms. This will allow other potential suppliers/developers to also join the SAYSO Community and contribute on an equal footing.

For more information on this space please contact Elodie Reuge (elodie.reuge@eos-eu.com) or Matts Ahlsen (matts.ahlsen@cnet.se).

We are looking forward to discussing with you !

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