A guide to growing at home

Sustainable Table, an Australian environmental not-for-profit, has put together this wonderful online series for how to grow your own fresh food at home. Its a beautifully presented, inspirational platform to encourage people to get started.

Contents for 'Let it Grow: A Guide to Growing at Home' contents include:
Part 1: The economics of saving: we can’t get everything we want right now
Part 2: How to set-up a vegetable garden…fast
Part 3: A super easy green – Tokyo Bekana
Part 4: Germinating seeds
Part 5: Planting with seeds
Part 6: What on earth to plant
Part 7: Planting with seedlings
Part 8: Growing in small spaces
Part 9: Composting
Part 10: Growing in pots and containers
Part 11: No garden? No outdoor space? No worries
Part 12: What are you growing?

Costa Georgiadis, an Australian gardening icon, provides some great gardening tips in part 1. While the series is based on the Australian context, much translates to other contexts - while giving you an insight to an Australian perspective. Please feel free to share for inspiration! 

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