Sharing outcomes on distilling solutions for sustainable and just cities with Urban-Arena!

Following the post on cities as leaders for sustainable futures, I introduce UrbanA: Urban Arenas for Sustainable and Just Cities, a recent EU program that consists of a Community of Practice, UrbanA Fellows, and the organising team, that are holding 4 workshops, online events, a growing wiki page and more to consolidate and communicate knowledge to improve cities for all (including nature)! I've been fortunate to be selected as an UrbanA Fellow and would like to share my experience and resources with you.

The still-very-young program is really impressive - co-creation is a key aspect where workshops are held using a blended approach (in-person and online) to bring in a range of expertise from theory to practice, across elements of sustainable and just cities, using a range of technologies.

Interested members of the public are welcome to join their Community of Practice, defined as: 'people who have: 1. A shared interest – in this case justice and sustainability in cities; 2. A community that shares this interest – all active participants in, contributors to and followers of the project, and 3. What the community undertakes together – ongoing engagement in UrbanA through the four Arena events, Arena side events and other project activities'. If you're interested in joining the UrbanA CoP see here

From this CoP and from the work generated by the Fellows and project team in the workshops, UrbanA is generating a range of resources that interrogate elements of sustainable and just cities. Many topics complement aspects that we're exploring in EdiCitNet, such as: podcasts on nature based solutions, fab labs and transition governance, and UrbanA Community Conversations on Transformative Cities, on how to co-create a wiki, approaches on how to develop a local climate action plan, and a string of articles on approaches to mapping local sustainability actions and more. Its been great to see different approaches to sharing knowledge online and in-person, and to hear so many different perspectives and insights from an incredibly diverse source of people on how we can make cities more liveable for everyone.

Are you involved in similar programs that you'd like to share with the EdiCitNet community? Please feel free to post other networks that expand on themes raised here. I'll continue posting updates on UrbanA as it develops!

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