PEN-CP project is glad to announce the start of the project on September 1, 2018

PEN-CP project is glad to announce the start of the project on September 1, 2018. The Pan-European Network of Customs Practitioners (PEN-CP) project builds a network between distinct customs administrations to create an ecosystem for interoperability, knowledge sharing and innovation to improve European security though more efficient control of the illicit trade flows. Organized collaboration across customs organizations forms a platform for excellence in customs practices and their continuous improvement through the means of technology, regulatory changes and organizational restructuring. As the project evolves through orchestrated collaborative activities, confidence and trust is created among the customs administrations leading to transparent information sharing and social build-up of common norms and values. The created network effect is a precursor for innovation and continuous improvement to battle against the plethora of criminal acts the societies are facing. Despite common aims different customs
organizations operate and are being managed in different ways. Strong country specific traditions and national focus have prevented the natural evolution and improvement of customs operations to mitigate the risks hidden in global trade flows. PEN-CP will enable cross-fertilization of ideas, working procedures and technological experimenting beyond the existing practices. A social network of practitioners from the same field with heterogeneous backgrounds is the source of creative thinking and progress, which the project aims to unleash for common good. Like any social network the impact is scalable to all operators in the customs realm, thus the project and its results will have an impact to all customs administrations, including the ones not partnering the PEN-CP project.


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