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ASTERIQS General Assembly

By Nora Ouadi
ASTERIQS General Assembly
Tuesday, October 29 2019 09:00
to Wednesday, October 30 2019 17:00


Welcome on the registration page of the “ASTERIQS General Assembly”

From Tuesday 29 October 9:00 to Wedesday 30 October, 18:00


Objectives of the meeting

  • Provide the status of the ASTERIQS technical work progress of each task/WP
    • Report on achievements for the period M7-M12
    • Present the future activities for the period M13-M18
  • Provide an update on the Project Management activities
  • Discuss the on-going dissemination activities including the organisation of the Cargese Summer School

An Executive Board may be organised on day 2 (to be confirmed in September)

Preparation of the meeting for all participants

  • Identify any specific issues that need to be discussed within your WP or at project level
  • Prepare project and/or WP presentation prior to the meeting following the template provided by the Secretariat (will be available by mid September)

Agenda and logistic details

The agenda including all practical details will be ready for downloading by mid September( by clicking on the file underneath the map)

In the meanwhile, please find below the address of the venue together with a suggestion of hotels located nearby to allow you to book your flight and hotel:

Venue: Institut de botanique, 163 Rue Auguste Broussonnet, 34000 Montpellier

Suggested hotels:

  • Hotel Ibis Styles Montpellier Centre Comédie
    • Address: 6 rue Baudin, 34000 Montpellier
    • Average price: 100 € including breakfast
    • To book click here
  • Hotel des Arceaux
    • Address: 33/35 boulevard des Arceaux, 34000 Montpellier
    • Average price: 100 € without breakfast ( Breakfast: 11€)
    • To book click here

Reminder: for practical reason, we suggest to have a maximum of two people per organisation. If, for any reason, more people are participating please inform the Coordinator and Nora Ouadi.


Institut de botanique
Rue Auguste Broussonnet 163, Montpellier, FrancePlan my route




    • Nora Ouadi

      Dear Khaled,

      Indeed I had to validate your registration, which I have just done now. Everything is ok.



    • Anonymous

      Dear Nora, at the end of the registration a message pops up saying that i should be receiving an e-mail in which i should confirm participation but we do not receive here in attocube. It does not seem to pass our fire wall.

      best regards

      - Khaled Karrai

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